Happiness & Fulfilment Program

Reprogram yourself for sustainable and unconditional happiness


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🗓 20 days

⏰ 20 min a day

💪💪💪 This program is level 3. It requires a good level of self-awareness. If you're unsure, you may want to do the mind training & meditation program beforehand.

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✔️ Overcome the negativity bias
✔️ Implement efficient tools to become happier
✔️ Stop chasing what doesn't fulfil you
✔️ Understand the real source of sustainable and unconditional happiness


Program Curriculum:

Curated content includes:

Matthieu Ricard

This ex-biochemist turned Buddhist monk is often considered as the assistant of the Dalai Lam. He was a speaker at TED and the Davos summit.

Susan David

Ph.D, award-winning Psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book Emotional Agility

Eckhart Tolle

Spiritual teacher and authors of a few best-selling books, especially The Power of Now, that sold a few million copies.

Yuval Noah Harari

Historian & philosopher, he is the best-selling author of Sapiens, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

All our programs are based on the Deliberate Practice 3-step cycle:

Click here to read our article on deliberate practice

1. Listen

Learn from the very best in the world. Successful people in their area of expertise and the top researchers.

2. Take action

Take simple but consistent actions. Simple so you don't feel overwhelmed. Consistent so you create a habit.

3. Reflect

Associate the new behaviour with the feeling of improvement. Adjust if necessary.

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"I loved the program. The content is great and thorough and it allows me to discover things I wouldn’t otherwise."

- Matthias Ollard
Digital Project Manager, Geneva

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