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Our best sellers:

🗓 20 days
⏰ 20 min a day
💪 Level 1

🗓 22 days
⏰ 20-25 min a day
💪💪 Level 2

🗓 20 days
⏰ 15-20 min a day
💪💪 Level 2

Why it works?

Our programs combined the 3 important parts of accelerated learning:

1. Listen

Learn from the very best in the world. The most successful people in their area of expertise and the top researchers.

2. Take action

Take simple but consistent actions. Simple so you don't feel overwhelmed. Consistent so you create a habit.

3. Reflect

Associate the new behaviour with the feeling of improvement. Adjust if necessary.



Meet the founder... Alex Lamber

I graduated from a top business school and had a well-paid job growing start-ups. But I wasn't completely fulfilled. I then discovered meditation that made me understand that fulfilment comes from within. It kickstarted my personal growth journey.


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